measuring granite
Accurate measurements are vital for a good estimate and a perfect installation. Watch our video to help your measur-ments. See More

Take a picture

granite photo rendering
Travel into the future to see your coun-tertops with your new granite. Send us a photo of your counters and we can show you your future counters.Read More

Keep it New

care of granite
Keep your new granite looking like the day it was installed. Watch this video for cleaning methods.See More

Installation Example


measuring granite


granite photo rendering


care of granite


Do the estimates you've given me include the price of the sinks or just the cutout? Do you sell sinks or will I need to purchase them elsewhere?

Our sinks are are free and the cutout is the only thing you pay for. Yes and no, we don't sell the sinks but we do offer them for free.

Is there somewhere I can go to look at the other granite colors you offer?

Our office is in the process of being re-modeled right now but most of our clients have been okay with us bringing the sample pieces they were originally interested in when we come to their home.

Do you have any references I can call or anywhere I can go to see a finished job that you've completed?

Yes we do. call and we can give you a few happy customers we have serviced. We have some clients who will invite you in to their home to see our work.

How do you handle payments? How much upfront?

The payment is broken down into two payments to provide insurance to both iGranite and it's customers. The first payment will be made upfront and will be the amount for the materials needed to complete the job. Once the work is complete (and you are satisfied), another payment of the installation will be needed. ****We now offer a No Deposit Program call to see if you qualify*

What if I am unhappy with the quality of work? Will you fix it?

If you're unsatisfied with the work done to your home then you will not pay until iGranite fixes it for you. So yes, we will fix it.

Can I choose which granite pieces I want used?

We hand select our granite from our supplier. Rest assured the pieces that will be installed in your home will be flawless.

How long will it take to install?

Allow 1-2 days to install.


Everyone has a busy schedule these days and you are no exception.

Text-a-quote is the easyest way to send us your questions and measurements. We can respond to your request very quickly and text an answer or rough quote right back to your phone. Text to 281-698-7378. (No photos please.)


Photo Rendering

See your finished countertops before they are installed.

Photo rendering can help you match your granite color to your cabinets and flooring. Email us ( a high definition photo of your current counters and select up to 3 colors of granite. We will send a rendered photo for each color within 24 hours. We are providing this service free of charge to help make your granite shopping more pleasureable.

Before and after photo Rendering